5 Billion Views on Social Media with Magician Xavier Mortimer

Xavier Mortimer is a magician who has racked up more than 5 billion views on social media and is headlining his own show called “The Dream Maker” at The Strat Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. He joins Chris Van Vliet for this in-person interview to talk about how he became a magician, the thought process that goes into creating a new trick, moving from France to Las Vegas to make his dreams come true, how he used social media over the last year and a half to go viral with his tricks and illusions, the art of storytelling and much more!

On what impresses him and what he enjoys:

“There are so many things that impress me everyday. I enjoy little things too like travel and adventure. There are many things I enjoy, just being in Vegas is my project.”

On how he got famous:

“I had a few videos on TikTok that were working. A friend of mine called me and said I should do longer videos. I was like well with the pandemic I have all the time in the world now. I started producing them and I had a month where I was looking for things to do and trying to find my marks. After that the videos started to blow up one after another. I was like whoa 300 million views! To me, a hit on YouTube was 1 million views. It was unexpected and it was amazing to keep doing what you love while everything is shout down. It was a blessing.”

On which video started it all:

“The one that really blew up was the one where I was up against the wall and people were smashing boxes at me. Everyone saw it. I went to the dentist and to the pharmacy and they are all like ‘Hey, you’re the guy…’ All combined it had like 400 million views. Starting at that point, I didn’t know what I was creating. It was just another video on social media. When you post it you have no idea what is going to happen. Suddenly you post it on social media and it blows up. I then realize I am doing a 3 minute illusion on social media, which no one had ever done. I then told my friend we need to build more grand illusions on social media. Every video was reaching 100 million views, it was crazy.”

On the difference between a trick and an illusion:

“An illusion is something you believe, but it’s not [what you believe]. A trick is more me telling you. It’s the same ending, but a trick is more talk and bringing your mind somewhere. An illusion is what you see.”

On the appeal of magic:

“It’s like every art. It’s fascinating, it’s different and it touches people when they see something. I was in the mountains and no one knew I was a magician. I did an illusion and everyone is so fascinated, they looked at me and everyone suddenly gathers over something extraordinary. That’s the magic of the magic.”

On how to perform on stage:

“You just go for it. I was super shy. I just went on stage and do my thing. I was shaking the first time, but you just go and give it everything you have. I started when I was 20 and I just love seeing the smiles on people’s faces at the end of the night.”

On if a trick has ever gone wrong:

“Many times. So I hope they won’t know, but some can be messed up in a big way where people can see and know [it messed up]. If a magician tells you he has succeeded in his tricks every day, he is a liar. But the goal is for the audience not to know. You have backups and contingencies.”

On his biggest setback:

“I think it was when I was starting my career. I am a live performer, TV was kind of dangerous. I was on France’s Got Talent, but I said no to the show for 3 years. Eventually my friend said to me that if I go on the show I’m going to kill it. Of course you are putting yourself in danger. But if you put yourself in danger you can win. I have failed a lot but in the end I win. I have this show in Las Vegas and have loads of followers on social media.”

On his goal as a magician:

“My goal is to sell tickets. If I am the best or not, I just want to bring people in the room. If it goes by I am the best magician or the most followed, then OK. But it’s about how I interact with the audience and how they respond. I hope people think I am the best but it is about their appreciation.”

On what he is grateful for:

“I’m just grateful in general. I’m grateful I’m healthy, which is the most important thing. Also for people around me and that I have a show in Vegas.”

Xavier Mortimer can be found on Instagram here and YouTube here.

Featured image: Las Vegas Weekly

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